Worry not, BookSinglesHolidays.com  is here to provide you with 5 great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will surely make your mother silently confirm that you are her favorite child!

True to our nature, we believe that traveling is the only thing that makes you richer. Which is why holidays make perfect gifts. Nothing can replace the great memories made during a lovely trip. Besides, mothers have enough knick-knacks, books, scarves, and kitchen utensils (just kidding, mothers probably never have enough kitchen utensils, but still, whatever you do, do not get your mother pots and pans for Mother’s Day!).

Read on and check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas, the travel edition. We’re certain your mothers would love either one of these awesome holidays!

5. A Dance Holiday

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A dance holiday is perfect for young, active mothers. And by young, we do mean well into their 60’s, because these days, age is just a number. If your mother loves to dance, this might be just the thing for her! She’ll have the time of her life, and work up a sweat, which is always good for the body!

BookSinglesHolidays Suggestion: 5 days intensive flamenco for singles holiday in Spain.

We assure you that if you send your mother to an intensive flamenco holiday in Spain, her love for you will triple and she will never stop talking about what a great son/daughter you are, to her friends. This is the type of holiday that will make a lasting impression on her and make you the good child we all should aspire to be!


4. Yoga Holiday

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If your mother is into yoga or simply likes to keep herself active on a daily basis, then a yoga holiday is just the thing that will hit that reset button!

BookSinglesHolidays Suggestion: 8 days singles yoga holiday in India

What better place to send your mother on a yoga holiday than India, the birthplace of yoga! This particular holiday is affordable, includes 7-day luxury accommodation and offers daily yoga and meditation sessions, among many other things. It’s really the perfect Mother’s Day gift!


3. Painting Holiday

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Is your mother a novice painter or loves to sketch away in her notebook on a regular basis? Then how about you book her a spot on a painting holiday?


BookSinglesHolidays Suggestion: 7 days singles painting holidays in France

France is a superb place for a painting holiday and this particular holiday is so affordable and mostly attended by women. The getaway takes place in Poitou-Charentes, which according to Wikipedia, “is a region on the Atlantic coast of France with Roman, Renaissance and medieval history.” All that history and art will surely inspire and impress any artist!

2. Photography Holiday

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You bought your mother a camera and now it’s gathering dust somewhere because she says there’s nothing interesting to photograph? A photography holiday will fix that!


BookSinglesHolidays Suggestion: 10 days photography holiday for singles in Morocco

Gorgeous Morocco is the location for this 10-day photography holiday. All your mother needs for this trip is a camera and comfy shoes, as the guide will take the group to explore Morocco’s Kasbahs, rocks formations, mountains, and see street musicians, artisans and nomads. Basically, everything that any photograph would love to shoot!

1. Spa Holiday

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Image credit: cfemea.com

A spa holiday is probably the most awesome of all the Mother’s Day gift ideas and the best type of holiday for mothers in general. Mothers are notorious for always being exhausted, due to the fact that they make the world go round, so a spa holiday would give her the alone time she needs and the relaxation she craves.


BookSinglesHolidays Suggestion: 4 days yoga and spa singles holiday in Bali

What better place to relax in, than Bali?! It has pretty much everything one needs to relax: perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters, gorgeous architecture and lovely people. We assure you that a trip to Bali would make your mother, the happiest in the world! Go ahead, make your mother happy!


Do you need more inspiration for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Check out BookSinglesHolidays.com for many more awesome holidays that would make perfect gifts for moms everywhere!