People are ‘hungry’ for anything related to travel. They want to know about new places, new experiences as well as ways on  how they can enrich their lives through travel. People are curious about and inspired by other’s journeys and experiences, which is why we at believe that travel blogging will only get more popular in the future.

Top 50 Travel Blogs

We’ve scoured  high and low in search for some of the best travel blogs on the web and we’re happy to  share with you a great list of our top 50 favorite travel blogs with you! Read on, enjoy and get inspired, your next adventure of a lifetime awaits! 


Nomadic Matt

Top 50 Travel Blogs


Matt Kepnes is probably the most famous travel blogger in the world. He started his blog Nomadic Matt in 2008, when travel blogging was just starting to become popular. Matt isn’t just a pioneer blogger, but he’s also an expert on budget traveling! It’s safe to say that there isn’t a question that you might have related to traveling, that you cannot find an answer to on his blog. The only suggestion we have is to set aside a couple of hours or more to browse through the website and fully immerse yourself in the Nomadic Matt phenomenon. Also, he was kind enough to let us interview him, so read all about it here


Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace are a married couple who have been traveling for more than a decade and a half. They’ve also lived in 5 countries and visited more than 50, which makes them quite qualified for giving out advice about traveling. They started Y Travel Blog in 2010 and since then, they’ve become very popular and well-loved. A great feature on their website is the Start Here tab, which offers all the information one needs to plan a vacation, from finding cheap flights to saving money on accommodation.


Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads was born 8 years ago and it is the creative child of former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg. Jodi left her lucrative job and decided to travel for one year, and she hasn’t stopped since. Her blog focuses on food and travel and the connection between the two. It is the place where stories are shared with the help of long form narrative and long photo essays. Jodi believes that the universality of food connects people and we couldn’t agree more. Legal Nomads truly is an inspiration.


The Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is the man behind The Expert Vagabond. He describes himself as a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer. He has been exploring the world for over 5 years and his blog is the place where he shares travel tips, stories, photography, and adventures from his ongoing travels around the world. It’s a great spot to find inspiration and travel motivation and has a wonderful category of Budget Travel Resources that is extremely helpful for both seasoned travelers and beginners.


Young Adventuress

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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As you might have guessed, the person behind Young Adventuress is young and adventurous. Her name is Liz, she’s in her 20’s and she writes beautifully. What we absolutely love about her blog is that it focuses on New Zealand and Spain travel, mainly because she used to live/still lives there. You’ll find a plethora of comprehensive tips and information on traveling to and inside those two countries and more! She’s also an avid photographer and has a category where she presents her camera gear, so if you’re into photography, Young Adventuress will surely get your attention.


The Everywhereist

The Everywhereist is a travel blog, but owner Geraldine also defines it as a love letter to her husband. It is an intimate blog, where you will definitely feel connected to Geraldine, but also inspired by her travels, amused by her awesome sense of humor, and motivated to make a dash for the destination of your heart. We highly recommend this blog, as we absolutely love it and the relaxed atmosphere it radiates into the world.


Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley truly is adventurous! At the age of 26, she quit her job to travel the world and now she does it for a living. She focuses on solo traveling, so if you want to learn how to safely travel the world on your own, Kate is the person to teach you that. She believes that independent traveling can be safe, easy and lots and lots of fun and we couldn’t agree more with her! Adventurous Kate is a blog that will surely keep your interest peaked!


A Little a Drift

Shannon is a star in the travel blogging world. In case you didn’t know, National Geographic named her Traveler of the Year! She started traveling the world in 2008 and hasn’t stopped since. She wrote a book about volunteering, often speaks at universities about global citizenship, and updates her blog regularly with awesomely useful articles. A Little a Drift truly is a great spot to be and we highly suggest you check it out!


My Itchy Travel Feet

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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The travel bug is like an itch you can’t quite scratch. I call it itchy travel feet says Donna L. Hull, the writer behind the My Itchy Travel Feet blog. Along with her husband, photographer Alan Hull, they are focused on baby boomer travel, helping baby boomers find great destinations and have the perfect vacations. In case you didn’t know, the term baby boomer refers to people born between 1946 and 1964. If you, too, fall into that category, you will definitely love and relate to this travel blog. To be honest, you’ll enjoy it even if you’re a millennial. How can one not love good information on traveling?!


Traveling with Sweeney

Traveling with Sweeney was founded in 2010 by Catherine Sweeney. As the owner of the blog herself describes the website, it has a strong focus on culture, lifestyle, the arts, food, historical landmarks, as well as under-the-radar attractions in North America and Europe. The main purpose of Traveling with Sweeney is to entertain and inspire people, which is something we all can appreciate.


Solo Traveler Blog

Solo Traveler Blog is a place where anyone who travels solo can find valuable information, like-minded people, and tips galore. The website is run by two lovely ladies, Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt, who are passionate about traveling and also sharing their knowledge with the world. Solo Traveler Blog is so much more than travel blog, it’s a community. A community you should consider yourself lucky for being a part of! 


The Blonde Abroad

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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With over 20 k followers on Facebook, The Blonde Abroad is one of the most popular travel blogs out there. Californian Kiersten, left her corporate finance job to become a world traveler. She’s been traveling the world ever since, been to over 50 countries, and inspires people to travel. Her Travel Tips category is filled with insanely helpful advice, so if you plan on going anywhere outside your country, you should see what Kiersten has to say about it. Also, the blog has a forum, which further helps those in need of travel advice and tips.


World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward started World of Wanderlust in 2012 because she wanted to share her travel experiences with her family and friends. 4 years later she’s a professional travel blogger with hordes of fans, because her blog is full of precious travel tips and in depth destination analysis, such as Top 50 Tips that Will Change the Way You Travel Forever. What makes her blog even more special is the fact that she has an extensive Lifestyle section, where she blogs about beauty and various DYI tips, and also a Recipes section that will surely inspire and delight readers.


Fox Nomad

Fox Nomad is a vast repository of information on various travel topics, from culture, food, money and tech to book and air advice. It truly is a helpful blog! The man who started the blog and runs it is Anil Polat, a blogger and computer security engineer whose goal is to visit every country on the planet and to teach people how to travel smarter. We particularly love his photo essays of various destinations; they are raw, visually beautiful, and inspiring.


The Vacation Gals

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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The Vacation Gals are three professional travel writers who cover pretty much every travel subject there is, from family travel destinations, to kid-free trips, local fun, outdoor escapes, healthy living, favorite gear, comfy clothing, and more. The blog launched in 2009 and since then it has become incredibly popular. We love The Vacation Gals because they think of everything! There isn’t a side of traveling that they haven’t covered on their website, and that makes them great digital travel companions. 


The Ordinary Traveler

The Ordinary Traveler are actually a couple: Christy and Scott; they started the blog in 2009 with the intention of chronicling their travels, but it became so much more than that. The blog’s main focus now is to provide trip ideas for people who don’t have a vast amount of vacation time and to also introduce off-the-beaten-path destinations that one can’t find on other popular travel blogs. One awesome feature on their website is the Fine Art Portfolio, which features stunning photography that you can actually purchase as prints!


E Tramping

Polish best friends, Agness and Cez, refer to themselves as ”tramps”, because they have been constantly traveling since 2011 and with under 25 dollars a day. Their blog is filled with helpful tips on traveling the world on a budget, such as finding cheap hotels and flights. Another cool feature on their website is a section of English teaching jobs in China, so if that is something that might interest you, E Tramping is the place for you!


That Backpacker

Audrey started traveling at 18 and now she’s a professional travel blogger. You might have heard of her husband, Nomadic Samuel, who’s also featured on this listTogether, they travel the world, make awesome and inspirational YouTube videos, and slowly take over the travel blogging world. What is really awesome about That Backpacker is the fact that it has a section called How to Start a Blog, that helps future travel bloggers get started. Go ahead, check it out!


Never Ending Footsteps

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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There’s no way around saying this: we love Lauren Juliff! It’s not just because she was kind enough to let us interview her, it’s also because she’s one of the most candid travel bloggers we have encountered. Her honesty and her willingness to open up her and share even the most embarrassing stories makes Lauren extremely relatable and lovable. She also appears to be a magnet for traveling mishaps, which is always entertaining to read! 


Just One Way Ticket

Travel blogger Sabrina, from Just One Way Ticket could make a living as a professional comedian, just check out her blog and see for yourself! Her blog is inspiring, to say the least, and the photography is superb (she admits that she’s not a very good photographer, but we beg to differ). What’s awesome about Just One Way Ticket, among lots of other things, is the category Stuff I Love, which is very helpful; and her Reviews,which are comprehensive and useful. 


I Am Aileen

Aileen Adalid runs the popular travel blog I Am Aileen. As many travel bloggers, she quit her corporate job quite young and started to travel the world. She calls herself a digital nomad living a sustainable travel lifestyle, something so many of us are striving towards. Her mission is to show everyone that it is possible to live a life of traveling. The blog also has a shopping corner, where you can stock up on great traveling equipment, such as the popular packing cubes, fast dry towels, and Swiss Army knives.


Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel is one of the most inspiring travel bloggers out there! She had worked various jobs all her life, but was still struggling to find happiness in life. Following a battle with Lyme disease, she decided she loved her life too much to have it waste away in an office, so she decided to make traveling, her permanent occupation. We love her blog so much, it is so genuine and her stories are so well-written. Also, we adore the fact that she stays in one place for a longer period of time, so that she can immerse herself in the place’s culture. Barbara is a person we all could learn something from. 


Goats on the Road

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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“Turning travel into a lifestyle” is the motto behind Nick and Dariece’s travel blog. They are a Canadian couple who live the travel dream so many of us have: they work from their computers in a plethora of exotic locations worldwide. They claim to be happy and completely stress-free and judging by their blog posts and photographs, we believe them! What’s really great about their blog, Goats on the Road, is that they have a section for sustaining travel – where they showcase various methods of making money to sustain their traveling lifestyle.


Alex in Wanderland

Alex from Alex in Wanderland is a New Yorker who had spent all her life battling a horrible and seemingly incurable disease: wanderlust! After finishing college, she decided that she would attempt to cure it, so she embarked on a traveling mission to explore the world slowly and thoroughly as she puts it. Her blog is full of awesome travel tips, including packing tips (hope we all agree that we can’t have enough of those) and great travel inspiration, such as photo of the week and awesome travel quotes.


Travel Past 50

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning wanted to travel for a living and when they finally made it a reality, they couldn’t be happier. Travel Past 50 is filled with precious information about how to travel on a budget and every single article is accompanied by stunning photographs. Actually, there is a whole separate category on their blog that only includes gorgeous travel photography. You should definitely check it out!


Rocky Travel

Rocky Travel is, we believe, the best blog out there on Australia travel. Michela Fantinel is an Italian who fell so in love with Australia, that she even wrote a book about it! According to her, Australia is the ideal destination for first time and especially single travelers and that is something can definitely get behind. We even have an interview with Michela on our website, so check it out if you want to know more about Michela and her awesome blog.


From Ice to Spice

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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Ása and Andri are an Icelandic couple who decided to make Asia their travel experiment in 2015. Since then, they’ve been to many countries, and their travel blog has become quite popular. What we love about From Ice to Spice is the vast amount of photos and videos that they put up. They have such an eye for color, framing and composition that you will end up craving to go to where they’ve been! We suppose that good bloggers will always do that to you!


Budget Traveler

Kash Bhattacharya is the man behind Budget Traveler who, for the past 6 years, has been traveling in style on a budget. If that concept seems a bit of an oxymoron to you, don’t worry, it did so to us, too. But after checking out his blog, we became totally down with it! He is the man to go to for tips on traveling the world on a tight budget. Read about where to stay in various parts of the world, what to eat and what to see, all on his awesome travel blog!


Monkeys & Mountains

Behind Monkeys & Mountains is Laurel Robbins, a professional travel blogger who is seeking a more meaningful way to travel. She’s not one to breeze through a destination, just to move on to the next. She loves to meet locals, discover local gems and immerse herself in the culture. Her blog is entertaining, inspiring and informative. If mindful traveling is your thing, then you will definitely love her blog!


The Longest Way Home

Do you know anyone who’s been on the road for more than 10 years, traveling and blogging? We do and if you read The Longest Way Home, you will, too. What makes this blog absolutely stunning, aside from the fact that the man who runs it is a travel hero to many, are cascade of travel tips and guides available. You can really find almost anything on The Longest Way Home, from information on living overseas to do’s and do not’s in countries all over the world.


Lost Boy Memoirs

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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You know that famous J. R. R. Tolkien quote, Not all those who wander are lost? Well, Lost Boy Memoirs’ motto is “Not all who are lost need to be found,” which we think is so clever and beautifully encapsulates wanderlust. The lost boy in this case is Ryan, a nomadic travel blogger, with a penchant for travel videos and photos. We highly recommend the video section, it’s so entertaining and stimulating, and you will wish to join Ryan for the ride!


Geo Traveler's Niche

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is the woman behind Geo Traveler’s Niche, a wonderful and popular travel blog. Lola is a stunning photographer and a great travel writer. Her posts are passionate and truthful and we believe that the world needs more travel bloggers like her. To read her posts on food, tradition and lifestyle of the various places she travels to, is to join in on her adventure. She makes you feel welcomed and her passion for traveling is indeed infectious. What can we say, she got to us!


Keep Calm & Travel

The motto of Keep Calm & Travel is “Don’t dream your life. Live your dream! which is one of the most motivating mottos we’ve heard. Clelia is a professional travel blogger who, like many, quit her day job to pursuit a nomadic life. What makes her and her blog special is the fact that she has more traveling experience than most travel bloggers, which means that you can really rely on her recommendations to be spot on. Keep Calm & Travel is surely a blog you would want to check out before you embark on your own adventure.



Top 50 Travel Blogs

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What is a Nomadasaurus?! Well, according to the bloggers behind the eponymous blog, a nomadsaurus is a nomadic dinosaur, living a simple life wandering from place to place, with no need for huge amounts of material objects. But who are the bloggers behind this funky-named adventure travel blog? They are acclaimed photographer, Alesha Bradford (Lesh), and award-winning writer, Jarryd Salem (Jazza) and together they make a great team. On their blog, they have a plethora of helpful tips, gorgeous photography, travel resources, and more. Check it out and see for yourselves!


The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo is one of the most positive travel bloggers you will ever ‘meet’. Her enthusiasm combined with her experience and love for traveling will do so much more than just inspire you to travel the world, it will motivate you to try to be a better person! We highly recommend The Blog Abroad’s Frequent Asked Questions aka FAQ section, as it will provide readers with an insight into the life of a professional travel blogger.


Solo Friendly

Gray Cargill is the woman behind Solo Friendly and is one of the few bloggers on our top 50 favorite travel blogs who don’t travel for a living. That’s what we love about this blog, actually. It is so relatable and so inspiring – the fact that Gray has a day job and she still manages to do all that traveling and blogging. What’s also amazing is the fact that she focuses most of her blog posts on solo traveling, something that we appreciate and love. Head over to her website for lots of enlightening posts on solo traveling safety, women’s travel, solo dining, and so much more.


Globe Trotter Girls

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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Travel blogger and photographer Dani Heinrich is Globe Trotter Girls. The website is full of candid travel reflections, amazing photography, travel resources and more. What’s more, it is one of the few travel blogs out there that has a section dedicated to LGBT travel and for that alone, this blog wins a spot in our travel hearts. Also, it has a Polaroid of the Week section that is beyond charming!


The Wandering Earl

Derek from The Wandering Earl is one hardcore permanent nomad! He’s visited a whopping 95 countries and has been on the road for 5,816 days. How do we know that? Well, he’s got a counter on his blog, which we think is very clever and inspirational. When someone has traveled as much as he has, it’s almost impossible not to follow his tips and tricks on how to travel the world. Derek’s blog has become so popular, that he’s started to organize small-group tours! You simply NEED to check this blog out!


My Tan Feet

Yeison and Samantha are on a quest to take their tan feet around the world! With their blog, My Tan Feet, they also want to show readers how to travel and they even have a section where they give advice on how to start a travel blog. So, if you need information on that, feel free to check them out! Also, they have a free Costa Rica e-book available for download on their blog, so hurry!


Time Travel Turtle

Former broadcast journalist turned travel writer, Michael Turtle, is the man behind Time Travel Turtle. We simply love his blog, as this man can write! He manages to capture the spirit of the place he’s in and his photographs reflect that, too. Aside from the highly entertaining side of the blog, we believe that aspiring travel bloggers in particular should really check it out, to see how good travel blogging is done.


Be My Travel Muse

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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Kristin is a Californian who has been traveling the globe nonstop since 2012. What made us love Be My Travel Muse in the first place, was how genuine and incredibly hilarious Kristin is. Also, she’s not afraid to delve into the local culture of a place and share her findings with her readers. All of her adventures have even given birth to a book, Conquering Mountains. How to Solo Travel the World Fearlessly. Check out the blog, we guarantee that you will enjoy it!


GQ Trippin’

Gerard and Kieu are a young married couple who approached their love of traveling the old-fashioned way – they worked for two years, saved money like crazy and then went on the adventure of a lifetime for a whole year. If you plan on doing the same, GQ Trippin’ is a great blog to follow. We highly recommend their RTW (round the world) travel planning resources, as they are organized and their valuable tips and advice can offer guidance to any traveler!


According to Zascha

Zascha Friis is a Danish travel blogger who realized that solo travel is her destiny. With that in mind, how can one not love her blog, According to Zascha?! We highly recommend you give it a read, as you will find so much great information on traveling, Zascha’s insights on what it means to travel solo and so much more. Her travel resources will help any traveler in need of advice and her tips couldn’t be more useful!


Women on the Road

We absolutely love Women on the Road! It’s a great feminist blog aimed at solo women travelers, and it is filled with precious planning advice, solo travel information and so much more. According to the woman behind the blog, Women on the Road  is for women who are curious, smart, enterprising, enthusiastic, inspired or dynamic - women who want to see the world on their own terms, usually solo (though someone might occasionally tag along) but always independently.


Bus around the World

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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Bus around the World are Charlie and Alex, two bloggers/travelers from Poland who have gone viral when their story of traveling the world in their beat up Volkswagen van hit the internet. They are a joy to follow and their posts are always so insightful and candid. What we love most about their blog is their stunning photography, always so jaw-droopingly beautiful! We also had the immense pleasure of interviewing them, click here if you want to read more about their love affair with traveling.


Blogger at Large

Blogger at Large, Megan Singleton has been blogging for 10 years and writing about traveling for 16, which makes her a voice to follow in the travel blogosphere. The blog’s tagline, Travel inspiration made easy, is something we all can appreciate. Her travel tips are plenty, interesting and useful. She writes with ease and humor and seems to be someone you’d want to follow. Blogger at Large is definitely one of our favorite blogs!


Teacake Travels

Alice Nettleingham is a Brit who decided that solo travel was the thing for her. And it was good that she did, because she and Teacake Travels are a treasure to travel blogging. Aside from useful and motivating posts, she shares raw and moving personal stories that few other bloggers dare to. In one of her latest posts she details the unfortunate and failed love affair with a Chinese man who threatened to rape her. Her blog is a must-read for anyone who loves to travel – it’s personal and reveals that it takes guts and character to be a traveler and a travel blogger.


The Geeky Explorer

Bruno is The Geeky Explorer, a self-professed travel blogger, with a day job he wishes to quit one day to pursue a life as a tech lover, a budget explorer, a keen instagrammer, an ice cream lover, a nature addict, a llama fanatic, a daydreamer, and a smart traveler. If you identify with at least one of these lovely labels, then you will surely love Bruno’s blog becausewe surely do! We especially love the concept of smart traveling, something that he explains more about on his website. Curious? Be sure to give it a visit to find more!


Where is Tara?

Top 50 Travel Blogs

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Where is Tara? is a great travel blog for anyone who’s feeling adventurous. Tara is young, in love with traveling and a great blogger. She seems like the type of person who anyone would love to have as a friend. We adore her inspiring bucket list; and her blog posts are so informative and fun to read. She’s also an artist and even though we don’t know much about art, we find her drawings to be quite awesome!


Packing My Suitcase

Allane Milliane is a Brazilian living in Germany, who describes herself as a travelholic. Packing My Suitcase is a lovely blog that details all of her journeys and take it from us, you will be inspired after reading just a couple of Allane’s posts, she’s such a good writer! What sets her blog apart from the rest is that she has a section called Traveling with a Dog where she offers precious information that can help so many people who want to travel with their furry friends. 


That’s all folks - the awesome list of our top 50 favorite travel blogs! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We love discovering new and exciting travel blogs, so if you know of some good blogs that we didn’t mention here, give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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