Lyndsay Cabildo is a blogger who loves to write about fashion, beauty, and traveling. She’s been blogging since 2008 and shows no plans of slowing down. was lucky enough to have Lyndsay answer a few questions for our readers and share a bit of her travel philosophy, her favorite shopping locations and how her studies in Clinical Psychology has helped her through her journeys.

BookSinglesHolidays: You’re a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger; what prompted your desire to document your travels?

Lyndsay Cabildo: It was my passion to travel and see different places. I wanted to write about my great experience and share it with others so they will realize that it is not impossible to travel even without a lot of money saved.

BSH: What does traveling on a budget mean to you and how do you apply your travel philosophy in real life?

LC: Traveling on a budget to me was more like a principle. It meant that you can do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go without all the luxury of having a bag of cash on you. It was a game for myself in a way, proving how far I could push myself and not letting people tell me what I can or can’t do. Yet, the principle applies to how you treat people you meet along the way. It’s like, extreme budgeting is a great challenge for myself but I always think about the other person. For example, haggling.  I haggle everywhere in Southeast Asia. but I spare those who really base their honest living on the service they render. However, I haggle a lot if I know you’re overpriced and want to trick me rather than giving me an honest rate.

Lyndsay Cabildo Interview

Image source: Lyndsay Cabildo Facebook account

BSH: Can you share with us a travel memory that shaped you or changed the way you view the world?

LC: There are more good people out there than you think. Strangers have become my life-long friends and water can also be as thick as blood.

BSH: During all your travels, you must have had some mishaps, can you share one that influenced the way you travel?

LC: Oh there are too many to tell! But it makes you a better problem solver though, from getting lost, to getting scammed, it gives you international street smarts. I’d still advise people to avoid it if they can.

BSH: You have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but also studied Clinical Psychology. How has this helped you in your travels?

LC: I’ve always been fascinated about understanding how other people think. It helped me to try to understand rather than judge.  I have always wanted to know that nothing is exactly what it seems, be it good or bad. Being positive on the road and how you think about others will affect your experience and the memories you’re making on that journey.

Lyndsay Cabildo Interview

Image source: Lyndsay Cabildo Facebook account

BSH: What advice would you give men and women who are traveling solo?

LC: Always be kind to everyone. Everyone has their own story to tell, so listen. Yet, always remember that you can only believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

BSH: What destinations are on your list for 2016?

LC: I honestly don’t have a list; once I wrote a bucket list for a contest but I don’t really have one that I truly need to tick off one by one. All the places I have been were not on a list. If I plan a trip, most likely it doesn’t happen. My travels have always happened out of the blue.

BSH: It’s not easy to stay stylish while on the road. What advice do you have for people who want to travel in style, yet on a budget?

LC: Keep it simple, bring a couple of functional accessories like shades, scarf, and a hat. Don’t bring too much because you will find a lot of fashion treasures at local shops that you can even bargain for.

BSH: What are some of the best shopping destinations in your opinion?

LC: I love Italian flea markets in Milan! Thai street markets are great if you know how to haggle, otherwise it’s just a rip off.

Lyndsay Cabildo Interview

Image source: Lyndsay Cabildo Facebook account

BSH: You say that your journey is nowhere near the end, what are you future plans when it comes to traveling and blogging?

LC: Right now, I’m trying to settle down a bit until I get my new passport.  There are endless possibilities here in the States and I’m looking forward to flash pack Europe and do more cruising in Antarctica.

BSH: Thanks so much for doing this! All the best to you and safe travels!

LC: My pleasure! Let’s just live, laugh, and love every single part of our travels! Mwah!


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